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How does JSON Studio help you?

JSON Studio is a free online tool to view JSON Data in Grid Structure.

Grid View:

Grid view is a way of displaying data in a table or spreadsheet format, with rows and columns. Each cell in the grid contains a specific piece of data, and the rows and columns can be used to organize and arrange the data in a meaningful way. Grid view is often used to display large amounts of data in a way that is easy to read and understand, and it is commonly found in applications such as spreadsheets and database management systems.

Common Use cases of JSON Grid View tool:

1.Readability: A table view can be easier to read and understand than a JSON structure, especially for non-technical users.

2.Organization: Tables allow you to organize data in a clear, structured way, with rows and columns. This can make it easier to find and reference specific pieces of data.

3.Compatibility: Many applications, such as spreadsheets and databases, are able to import and export data in a table format, which makes it easy to share and work with the data.

4.Sorting and filtering: Tables often allow you to sort and filter the data, which can be useful for finding specific items or analyzing the data in different ways.

Features of JSON Grid Viewer:

  • JSON Studio Grid Viewer has an exclusive feature to export the data in Grids to Excel and various other image formats like JPEG, PNG, and SVG.
  • The JSON Grid view tool is developed using the concept of expand/collapse user interface methodology. Therefore you can easily navigate to any part of JSON Data and understand its relationship with parent elements and child elements.
  • Grid View tools will help you to easily understand the structure of JSON data compared to conventional formatter, and beautifier tools
  • You can also share the Grid View output as an image or Excel file with your colleagues via the inbuild share option.
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