Torrent server JSON

Torrent server JSON
This JSON represents a successful response to a request for torrent information, containing data for two torrents. Each torrent is identified by its ID and contains its name, hash, size, and a list of files included. Additionally, the response includes download and magnet URLs for each torrent.

JSON Data:

1{ 2 "status": "success", 3 "data": { 4 "torrents": [ 5 { 6 "id": "1234", 7 "name": "Example Torrent", 8 "hash": "ABC123", 9 "size": "1024", 10 "files": [ 11 { 12 "name": "example_file_1.mp4", 13 "size": "512" 14 }, 15 { 16 "name": "example_file_2.mp4", 17 "size": "512" 18 } 19 ], 20 "download_url": "", 21 "magnet_url": "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ABC123" 22 }, 23 { 24 "id": "5678", 25 "name": "Another Torrent", 26 "hash": "DEF456", 27 "size": "2048", 28 "files": [ 29 { 30 "name": "another_file_1.mp4", 31 "size": "1024" 32 }, 33 { 34 "name": "another_file_2.mp4", 35 "size": "1024" 36 } 37 ], 38 "download_url": "", 39 "magnet_url": "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DEF456" 40 } 41 ] 42 } 43} 44



This JSON response indicates that the API request was successful and includes data for two torrents. Each torrent has an ID, name, hash, size, list of files with their names and sizes, download URL, and magnet URL.

The status field indicates the success or failure of the API request. In this case, the value is "success," indicating that the request was successful. If the request had failed, the status field would have a value of "error," and the response might include an error message.

The data field contains the data returned by the API, in this case a list of torrents. Each torrent is represented as an object with several fields, including the id, name, hash, and size. The files field is a list of objects that contain the name and size of each file included in the torrent. The download_url field provides a direct link to download the torrent, while the magnet_url field provides a magnet link that can be used to download the torrent using a BitTorrent client.

Overall, this JSON response can be used by a client application to display a list of available torrents and enable users to download them.

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