Subscriptions and Recurring Payments json

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments json
Recurring payments are automatic payments that occur when a customer agrees to make repeated payments to a merchant on a set schedule. Recurring payments can be done through credit cards, debit cards, or other online payment systems.

JSON Data:

1{ 2 "subscription_id": "sub_123", 3 "start_date": "2022-02-01", 4 "end_date": "2023-02-01", 5 "customer": { 6 "name": "John Doe", 7 "email": "", 8 "phone": "123-456-7890" 9 }, 10 "plan": { 11 "name": "Premium Plan", 12 "description": "This is a premium subscription plan", 13 "price": 49.99, 14 "interval": "month" 15 }, 16 "payment_method": "credit_card", 17 "status": "active" 18} 19


This JSON data includes the subscription ID, the start and end date of the subscription, customer details, the subscription plan details (including the name, description, price, and billing interval), the payment method used, and the status of the subscription (in this case, "active").

To summarize, this JSON data provides information about a customer's subscription to a particular plan, including the payment method and the subscription status. This data can be used to manage subscription billing and customer accounts.

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