Remote desktop connection JSON

Remote desktop connection JSON
This JSON object represents a session object for a remote connection. It includes a unique session ID, the remote address and port of the connecting client, the status of the connection (in this case "connected"), the time when the connection was established, and the time when the connection was terminated.

JSON Data:

1{ 2 "session_id": "1234-5678-9012", 3 "remote_address": "", 4 "remote_port": 3389, 5 "status": "connected", 6 "connected_at": "2023-03-01T10:00:00-05:00", 7 "disconnected_at": null 8} 9


This JSON response provides information about a remote desktop connection. Let's take a look at each field:

  • The session_id field specifies a unique identifier for the remote desktop session.

  • The remote_address field specifies the IP address of the remote computer.

  • The remote_port field specifies the port number used for the remote desktop connection.

  • The status field specifies the current status of the remote desktop connection. It can be "connected", "disconnected", or "failed".

  • The connected_at field specifies the time when the connection was established in ISO 8601 format with timezone offset.

  • The disconnected_at field specifies the time when the connection was terminated. If the connection is still active, this field will be null.

This JSON response provides important information about the current state of a remote desktop connection. The session_id field can be used to uniquely identify the session, while the remote_address and remote_port fields provide information about the remote computer. The status field indicates whether the connection is currently active or has been terminated, and the connected_at and disconnected_at fields provide timestamps for when the connection was established and terminated.

This JSON response can be used to monitor the status of a remote desktop connection and take appropriate actions based on its status. For example, if the connection is terminated, the disconnected_at field will be set to a timestamp, and appropriate steps can be taken to reconnect the session. Overall, this JSON response provides all the necessary information to monitor the state of a remote desktop connection in real-time.

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