Library management system JSON

Library management system JSON
This JSON represents information about a book, including its title, author, ISBN, publisher, publication date, genre, availability status, and borrower details. The borrower details include the name, email, and due date for the borrower who has borrowed the book.

JSON Data:

1{ 2 "book_id": "12345", 3 "title": "To Kill a Mockingbird", 4 "author": "Harper Lee", 5 "isbn": "9780061120084", 6 "publisher": "HarperCollins", 7 "publication_date": "1960-07-11", 8 "genre": "Fiction", 9 "availability": "available", 10 "borrower": { 11 "name": "John Doe", 12 "email": "", 13 "due_date": "2023-03-01" 14 }, 15 "return_date": "2023-03-01" 16} 17



This JSON response provides information about a book in the library's collection. Let's take a look at each field:

  • The book_id field is a unique identifier for the book.

  • The title field specifies the title of the book.

  • The author field specifies the author of the book.

  • The isbn field specifies the International Standard Book Number of the book.

  • The publisher field specifies the publisher of the book.

  • The publication_date field specifies the date of publication of the book.

  • The genre field specifies the genre of the book.

  • The availability field specifies the availability of the book. It can be "available", "on loan", or "lost".

  • The borrower field is an object that specifies the borrower of the book. It includes a name, email, and due_date field.

  • The return_date field specifies the date the book was returned (if applicable).

This JSON response provides all the necessary information about a book in the library's collection. The book_id field serves as a unique identifier for the book and can be used to retrieve or modify the book in the future. The title, author, isbn, publisher, publication_date, and genre fields provide information about the book, while the availability field indicates whether the book is currently available or not. If the book is on loan, the borrower field provides information about the borrower, including their name, email, and due date. Finally, the return_date field provides the date the book was returned, if applicable.

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