File Management JSON

File Management JSON
File management is the process of organizing, storing, naming and deleting files on a computer system. It is important because it can make a difference in how easy it is to find and access files you need. It can be done manually or with a software program.

JSON Data:

1{ 2 "file_id": "file_123", 3 "file_name": "example_document.docx", 4 "file_size": "1024", 5 "file_type": "document", 6 "created_by": "user_456", 7 "created_at": "2022-02-08T09:00:00Z", 8 "updated_at": "2022-02-08T10:00:00Z", 9 "permissions": { 10 "read": ["user_123", "user_789"], 11 "write": ["user_456"] 12 }, 13 "tags": ["important", "finance", "client-A"] 14} 15


This JSON data includes the file ID, name, size, type, and metadata such as the user who created the file, creation and update timestamps, file permissions, and any tags associated with the file.

To summarize, this JSON data provides information about a file, including its name, size, type, and metadata such as who created it, when it was created and last updated, who has permissions to read or write to the file, and any associated tags. This data can be used to manage files and folders in a file management system.

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